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FUTURA FC-100 Standard Panel


  • MaterialAluminum Composite Panel
  • Joint width15.9mm (5/8")
  • ScrewingNot Visible
  • Aspects/featuresCustom system depth
    Possibility of joint conver (Fillers)
    Volumetry (3D Shapes)
  • Material thickness(ACM) 3mm
    (ACM) 4mm
  • System depth50.8mm (2")
  • Installation sequenceSequential (Interlocking)


The most popular system in the FUTURA line. The FC-100 is composed of a composite aluminum material folded 1″ around the entire perimeter of the panel in order to be fixed to an aluminum extrusion with rivets. Perimeter extrusions are designed so that they can slide movable fasteners and also allow to slide a joint cover into it to hide the fasteners. The joint widths of 5/8″ are invariable, whereas the minimum relief of the system is 2″.

This system makes it easy to add volume to the panels and to have a variable panel depth. The FC-100 is compatible with the DA-5000 system of the DURALUM line.