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FUTURA FC-300 Screwed Surface Panel


  • MaterialAluminum Composite Panel
  • Joint width3.2mm (1/8")
  • ScrewingVisible
  • Aspects/featuresCustom joint width
    Product cost $
  • Material thickness(ACM) 3mm
    (ACM) 4mm
  • System depth3.2mm (1/8")
    4.0mm (3/16")
  • Installation sequenceIndependant


The simplest and most affordable solution, the FC-300 is actually an aluminum sheet screwed to the surface. This product offers a very short manufacturing lead time and a competitive price. On the other hand, this system has no depth in the joints and exposes an apparent screwing on the surface of each panel. The screws must be installed to a maximum of 24 inches center to center (Must be evaluated for each project according to their particularities). The screws can be countersunk and painted the same color as the panel in order to be less visible as possible. It is also possible to use cap screws to have a more industrial look.

The FC-300 is compatible with the DA-3000 system of the DURALUM line. Our system has been tested in the laboratory to withstand a breakout force of -3664 Pa, a wind force equivalent to 162.8 km/h.

This system can therefore be installed on tall buildings. Its low cost allows it to be an attractive alternative for less visible project facades.