New project 09 August 2018

Improved FC-100 system – New “J starter”

FC-100 system improved!

At 3D Panels, our panel systems are constantly evolving to meet the requirements of the market and our customers. Our FC-100 system from the FUTURA line (Aluminum Composite) has received several improvements in recent years. Your comments and suggestions have been a great help. After several hours of research and development, we are proud to offer you a new “J Starter”.

If you’ve ever installed our FC-100 panels, you may remember that it was difficult to slide a panel once inserted into the “J Starter”. This situation could cause complications on site, which is why we decided to review the design of this component.

The new “J Starter” is thinner and longer. These changes decrease the contact points between the “J Starter” and the aluminum extrusion of the panel. In addition, the space created between these components allows the panel to be rotated slightly forward for easier removal. A simple solution that greatly improves the use of our system.

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