Our projects

2016-00005 3 Park Avenue NY Aluminum Composite Panel (Futura) Aluminum Composite Panel (Futura) Aluminum Panel (Duralum) Commercial

Important information

  • Address New York, New York
  • Finishes and colors Stainless steel (finish #4) Stainless steel (special finish, Angel Air)
  • Product FC100 Standard Panel FC200 Folded Panel DA5000 Rivet Panel


3D Panels does not only carry out projects across Canada. We are also carrying out projects in the United States such as the 3 Park Avenue project located in New York. The main entrance of this 42-storey skyscraper was completely renovated in 2020. We covered the canopies, as well as the columns wrapping. The architectural panels were fabricated with our FC-100 and FC-200 systems for the canopies with a composite Stainless steel (Brushed #4), the columns panels were fabricated with our DA-5000 system with a Stainless steel (special finish, Angel Air).