The standard products offered on the market allow you to choose a solid or metallic color according to color charts, or to choose the width of the joints and the type of siding system. At 3D Panels, we treat each project in a unique way in order to offer you all the possible solutions, whether by a particular assembly, perforation, volumetry or special finishes, together we will find an interesting option in order to meet your needs for the concept of your project.


Perforation is a design element highly valued by designers as it creates depth in the siding, while creating a unique look. Perforation is also used to create patterns and insert plays of light. Although there are certain rules to follow when incorporating perforated liner, it opens up an endless range of possibilities for designers.


Sunshades are architectural elements that reduce or control the amount of natural light entering through the windows of a building. These elements can be made completely in aluminum and can be vertical or horizontal. They are more often tailor-made for each project according to the conceptual aspect the designer wants to create.


Screen walls are very often perforated and have several uses. They are sometimes used to conceal windows or mechanical parts and even to reduce noise emissions. Screen walls can also act as sun shades by reducing the amount of natural light entering through a building’s windows. In some cases, they can be used to enclose a building or an area.


Volumetry is used in the concept of a building to create depths in the siding and obtain shading effects. This is similar to origami, the possibilities for volume and 3D effects are almost endless. If it is possible to make the shape with a sheet of paper, it will probably be possible to do it with aluminum or composite aluminum.



When it comes to choosing materials, finishes and colors, you realize that there are so many possibilities. Although the vast majority of projects are limited to using solid colors or metallic finishes, be aware that some other unusual finishes exist and it is sometimes affordable to explore these options in order to give a unique look to your project. Architectural panels offer the possibility of using special materials such as stainless steel, copper, zinc, brass and others. Paint finishes allow many types of metallic effect, gloss and textured finishes. Composite aluminum finishes offer an almost endless range of metallic, wood-effect, copper, mirror and brushed metals.