Tailor-made product

Sunshades are architectural elements that reduce or control the amount of natural light entering through the windows of a building. These elements can be made completely in aluminum and can be vertical or horizontal. They are more often tailor-made for each project according to the conceptual aspect the designer wants to create.

They provide attractive, convenient solar control in walkways and welcome spaces for a wide range of buildings and also have the following benefits:

  • Reduce unwanted solar heat gain;
  • Saves energy by using natural light, while reducing demand for air conditioning;
  • Finishes can be made to match or contrast with aluminum panels and curtain wall systems.


Sunshades & Aluminum panels

There are several types of sunshades, some are made from an assembly of parts of extruded aluminum or are custom aluminum structures. 3D Panels does not hold any standard sun shades product. However, if the sun shades are covered with an aluminum siding or is similar to aluminum panels, we will be able to assist you in the design of the product to meet the intentions of your concept.